Grace Anglican Church

Meeting at Tower Church in Grove City, PA

Morning Service – 10:45

Our morning service takes place at 10:45am in Fithian Chapel downstairs at Tower Church.  All are welcome.  Nursery care for children ages 0-3 is available.


GRACE ANGLICAN CHURCH meets in the building of TOWER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH in Grove City, PA (248 S Broad St, Grove City, PA 16127).


Grace meets at Fithian Chapel in Tower Church for a 5pm service of worship.  Nursery (for kids ages 0-3) and Children’s worship (for kids ages 4-6) is available.

GRACE is the Green Zone - a field in which the warfare of life and the strain of rebellion finds a resolution. It is the gift of God, unveiled in the personality and actions of Jesus, who brought the Lord of All and hurting, hurtful people back together. The Green Zone has room for you.