About Us

is to make known the saving and transforming Grace
of Jesus Christ.


  • Proclamation: We focus on the redeeming work of the crucified and risen Christ, and boldly, without compromise, proclaim the unconditional Gospel of God’s Grace through Word and Sacrament.


  • Worship: We participate in vertical, unifying, Christ-Centered Worship, using both ancient and modern music and traditional liturgy from the historic Book of Common Prayer.


  • Growth: In response to God’s Grace, we desire to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord and one another through Worship, Prayer, Study, Hospitality, and Service.


  • Mission: As a parish and as individuals, we seek to be missional rather than attractional, being actively involved in our local communities and reaching out to local residents and students with the Grace of Jesus.


Foundational to our Vision and our Core Values is the concept of Grace.  Grace could be adequately and simply defined (to quote the psychologist Carl Rodgers) as ‘unconditional positive regard’ — that is to say, Grace is when you are loved, forgiven, and regarded as exceptionally good.  We at Grace Anglican Church (GAC) believe that the Gospel (which is God’s ‘unconditional positive regard’ toward hurting and hurtful people through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) is the heartbeat of the Christian religion.


Many people (even some Christians) are terribly uncomfortable with the message of Grace.  It makes them nervous.  It sounds too good to be true, or even irresponsible.  In fact, some well-intentioned religious people teach that God’s Grace is the ‘starting place’ for a Christian, but after a person believes they ‘move on’ to some other teaching in order to create some sort of progress.  But we at Grace Church have a different view.  We know that the only message that can make a lasting difference is the Gospel.  When we come to the end of our ropes (that is, we lose the illusion of our control and our innate greatness) and there discover that we are rescued and treasured by the Infinite God in the midst of our deep, dark inadequacies, we are changed, we are energized, we are relieved, we try new things in new ways.  Virtue, morality, and goodness are wonderful and deeply needful (would you want to live a day without them?), and these gifts spring from the heart that is touched by Grace.  It is the great change agent in life.


At Grace Church, you’ll hear the happy and heartening refrain of the wounded, saving God who claims us before we’ve cleaned up our lives, or got interested in religion, or before we could mutter a ‘yes’ to anything remotely righteous. In short, you’ll hear about unflinching, inexhaustible Grace.  It is for you.