•  February 19th is Grace’s first morning service in Tower’s Fithian Chapel (that is, Tower’s smaller chapel, downstairs –we’ll have ushers to guide you).

•  Fithian is a very attractive chapel, seating approximately 150-170.

•  10:15am will be the new starting-time for morning worship (beginning Feb 19th).

•  The Nursery is very well-maintained and beautiful, and is located near the entrance to Fithian Chapel.

•  Tower’s congregation will be worshipping (beginning at 10am) in their main sanctuary when we arrive for worship in Fithian Chapel (10:15), so entering Tower’s facilities must be done quietly.

•  Entering Tower. Tower has many entrances, but please enter ONLY through the portico entrance with the large glass doors, facing the college apartments (and NOT the doors on Broad Street, nor the side doors adjacent to the Guthrie). We don’t want to interrupt Tower’s worship service by entering the wrong door.

•  Please do not park in any of Tower’s parking lots (either in the ‘college-side’ lot or the ‘Guthrie-side’ lot). There is plenty of public parking next to the Grove City Public Library, and along Broad Street.


•  March 12th is Grace’s first evening service in Tower’s main sanctuary.

•  5pm will be the new starting-time for evening worship (beginning March 12th).

•  4pm Christian Education (for adults & kids) will break for March 12 & 19, resuming on March 26th

•  Children’s Liturgy and Nursery will be available the day of the move (March 12) and afterwards. Also, the rooms for children’s Liturgy and Nursery are beautiful and well-maintained.