Children & Youth


  • This is our ministry to children and their families – it’s a place were all of us gather together and learn from each other.
  • The church is, after all, the entire body of Christ, which includes all generations – including children.
  • By existing together in community, we all benefit, thus, children are to be included in the worship, prayer, study, and mission of Grace.
  • We want to include children in the majority of church activities.


  • The Casa is our ministry to youth – our church’s youth and the community’s youth.
  • It’s a gathering for enriching biblical study and gospel-formation, of worship and prayer, and amazing food and fun.

What do we offer for Children?

  • Nursery During Christian Education. Programs being at 4pm. In order for parents to attend Christian education, we offer nursery care.
  • Nursery During Worship, we offer Nursery Care for children ages 0-3 years of age during the entirety of the worship service.
  • Children Liturgy.  During part of the worship service (when the adults are hearing the sermon and prayers) we offer a Children’s Liturgy program for two different age groups – for kids ages 3-4, and for kids ages 5-6).  In the Children’s Liturgy, the kids will hear a story, sing a hymn, say prayers, and be instructed in some biblical theme.
  • Sunday School for Kids. Before our worship service (at 4pm), except in the Summer, we offer THREE Christian Education classes for children: a 4yr olds – Kindergarteners. class;   a 1st – 3rd Grade Class;  and a 4th – 6th Grade Class.  The classes cover biblical stories (all from a Christ-centered perspective), along with prayer, study, discussion, food, and fun!
  • Sunday School for Teens.  Before our worship service (at 4pm), except in the Summer, we offer a Christian Education classes for teens (7th – 12th grade) at 4pm.

Any Questions? 

Contact Steve Matson, our Director of Family Ministries at